Time Out New York :

“Sean Curran Company Apprentice and freelance dancer Joey Kipp, one of TONY’S favorite hot dancers, keeps toned with Gaga and Zumba classes in addition to his usual practice.” -Sarah Bruning


New York Times :

“Ms. Oberfelder’s approach is all about force, but her dancers, particularly Joey Kipp, soften her direction, which tends to turn the performers into self-righteous automatons. Mr. Kipp’s jazzy, out-of-nowhere split in the final section is a delight.” -Gia Kourlas

“Mr. Kipp works the hardest. Wearing a transparent blindfold — with each entrance he removes more clothes until he has on only a black dance belt and socks — he juxtaposes deep lunges with pirouettes, chaîné turns and the strong stance of a matador (arms back, chin up). He even snorts like a bull.” -Gia Kourlas