“Birdland” by Jeff Davis

Choreographer: Jeff Davis

Video by: Anthony Bellov

Dancers: Holly Heidt, Seth Ives, Joey Kipp, Jenna Liberati, Alice Pucheu, and Michelle Maleh

Joey Kipp in “One Night Only” in Nick Kenkel’s class @Broadway Dance Center

Joey Kipp in ”I Believe” by Bright Light Bright Light

Written & Produced by: Rod Thomas & The Invisible Men
Co-Directed by: Andrew Ellmaker and Blake Martin
Producers: Jonathan Dee and Alexandra Weichert
Cinematographer: Andrew Ellmaker
Gaffer: Lee Stratford
Choreographer: Josh Weidenmiller
Dancers: Melanie Comeau, John Harnage, Joey Kipp, Frank Lombardi, Natalie Mackessy, Reed Tankersley

Joey Kipp in “Together Again” in Shirlene Quigley’s class @Peridance, NYC

Joey Kipp in AB SOTO’s “FASHIONZ”

Video by: Mikhail Torich

Choreographer:  AB SOTO